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Tams Concrete Contractor Tamarac may also construct a new concrete walkway for your home or company if you don’t currently have one. When it comes to widening the sidewalk in front of your house or creating more pedestrian paths for possible clients, the alternatives are limitless.

We are the most trusted Concrete Contractors in Tamarac, FL, for deteriorated concrete sidewalks in Hayward and the surrounding areas for residential and commercial projects. We have installed hundreds of concrete surfaces in Tamarac, FL, for HOAs, apartment complexes, and community and governmental locations. Furthermore, our team is knowledgeable and experienced in concrete sidewalk repairs.

Is it necessary to construct a new sidewalk, parking lot, or road? A professional estimator will come to your house to assess your requirements, inspect your property, and provide a full, written estimate. Quality artistry and on-time and under-budget completion ensure your satisfaction with our paving services and concrete sidewalk repairs. #ConcreteSidewalkTamaracFL #ConcreteWalkwayTamaracFL

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Finding a dependable concrete sidewalk contractor in Tamarac, FL, is more complex than most anticipate. Tams Concrete Contractor Tamarac is the best concrete sidewalk provider in Tamarac, FL. Apartment complexes, municipalities, HOAs, community parks, schools, nursing homes, and other institutions are the properties we manage. Tams Concrete Contractor Tamarac can handle practically any business job in Tamarac, FL. We are pleased to report that we have successfully built hundreds of concrete surfaces at low pricing around Tamarac, FL. Tams Concrete Contractor Tamarac also repairs concrete sidewalks.

If your property needs a new sidewalk, parking lot, or road, Tams Concrete Contractor Tamarac is the first firm to call. We will send one of our experienced team members to discuss the project and meet with you. During this meeting, you will be able to articulate your requirements completely. Let our specialist examine the site and offer you a thorough written quotation. Our personnel will then perform the installation or repair to your satisfaction.

We want to go above and beyond your expectations and establish a long-term business relationship with you.

The installation technique comprises sidewalk layout, excavation, and pouring. The most difficult component is keeping the surface smooth and consistent from portion to section.

Of course, some people want to go above and beyond the norm and design a one-of-a-kind, beautiful, personalized sidewalk. Instead of poured concrete, stamped concrete or pavers can be used for a more personalized look. Excellent sidewalks, on the other hand, benefit communities, pedestrians, and vehicle traffic safety. The placement of a sidewalk is critical to its usefulness and longevity.

Hiring a concrete sidewalk contractor to build your pathway ensures that your sidewalk regulations are met. Tams Concrete Contractor Tamarac is dedicated to ensuring the structural and functional integrity of your concrete surfaces. Our Tamarac is to provide high-quality, low-cost installations and repairs. We also offer custom-tailored maintenance packages to meet your specific needs.

Benefits of Concrete Sidewalks:

People can walk on sidewalks, and research shows that having access to sidewalks increases people’s likelihood of doing so, which is beneficial to society’s general health. The Urban Land Institute performed a survey to see whether individuals are willing to pay more for a home with good concrete sidewalks. Real estate values in Tamarac, Florida, which stimulates foot traffic, rise the fastest, with sidewalks playing a significant role. Sidewalks boost foot traffic, which helps merchants. In case it isn’t evident, we are excited about all aspects of concrete construction. With our low prices, considerable industry knowledge, and dedication to our clients, we would be proud to earn your business..

FAQs about Concrete Sidewalks & Walkways:

A concrete sidewalk costs $8.63 per square foot on average, with a typical range of $5.89 to $12 per square foot.


Overall project prices are influenced by concrete thickness, sidewalk design, and finish style, and sidewalks can range from a simple concrete slab to a large hardscape with aesthetic components.

A concrete pathway should have a minimum width of four feet "in breadth. When less than four alternatives are selected, "There will be more cracking sooner. Since thicker concrete is more resilient and has fewer cracks, it is often recommended. 4" of concrete will be more weather and traffic resistant than 3" since it is significantly stronger.

Sidewalks should be wide enough for two persons to walk next to each other comfortably. The typical width is 48 inches.

Most sidewalks do not require rebar reinforcement. Rebars can also be employed in high-traffic areas such as walkways. Rebar should never be placed on a general-purpose sidewalk. Using rebar to repair your sidewalk may end up costing you more in the long term.

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